Private Personal Training

We put the "personal" back in personal training!  Customized and designed for the individual, from music preference to aroma therapy, your time at IAT will be as unique as your goals. As we are not a member based facility, you can feel comfortable working out in an environment conditioned to your liking.

Here are just a few examples of the training methods offered at IAT!


Metabolic Conditioning

MetCon will push the limits of your energy systems to develop your desired physique and increase athletic performance.  From short duration high intensity explosive movements to long duration lower intensity modalities.  MetCon programs are developed to get results, physically and mentally!

Sports Specific Training

Mental preparedness, speed, agility, flexibility, strength, injury prevention and endurance are just a few of the benefits of program development specific to your sport or competitive hobby.  From the novice to the highly conditioned professional athlete we will help you step your game up! 

Functional Training

Defining this training method has become complicated as it's theory has been misrepresented. Functional training is meant to improve and ease daily living activities (DLA's), such as reaching or bending to pick up an object or open a tight condiment lid.  As we age simple tasks can become difficult, functional training will prevent and combat these effects. 


Cardiovascular Conditioning

Without question the most important muscle in the body is your heart. Cardiovascular Conditioning is any exercise that challenges the heart and lungs to increase cardiac output and distribute oxygen more efficiently to the body. From walking the park to running a marathon we can help you achieve your goal small or large!